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Course description

It doesn’t matter if you want to learn to dance for fun, health, confidence, happiness, or social – we are here to guide you through it. Our progressive structured courses and drop-in sessions are designed for students on all levels – starting from absolutely no salsa dance experience to those who would like to work on mastering their dance and social dance skills.

Please note: DANCE experience is recommended to join this class (not necessarily salsa).

Level descriptions


…perfect for you if you love dancing and want to just have fun or work on improving all your dance skills. If you are ready to experiment and mix salsa and various different dance styles such as afro, street dance, etc.

What you will get
  • Learn the Salsa Fusion Style by Salsa Solent Team
  • Improve your foundations: Groove, Isolation, Afro Movement, Dance technique
  • Learn how to introduce other dance styles in your salsa
  • Get the special tips to make your moves look better
  • A learning environment that is encouraging, fulfilling and fun
  • Trained Instructors that are patient, dedicated and passionate about dancing and teaching
  • Friendly feedback throughout the class will allow you to master your learning quicker
  • Mirrored studio to help your practice

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