Kizomba (Guest Teachers)

Ishan was introduced to the kizomba world by Steve, a TLC Kizomba teacher, and soon after he was taught by several of the best kizomba and semba instructors: Tania Mendonca (Angola), Eddy Vents (Guinea- Bissau) and Lucia Nogueira (Portugal). Ishan is passionate about passing the essence and the musicality of kizomba and semba, keeping its authenticity when dancing and teaching. One of the highlights of his dancing career was representing the UK in the Open Kizomba Competition in 2014 in Spain. He is very well known for his semba and performed for one of the best semba singers, Yuri Da Cunha, in his London Show. Ishan started his own school, Kizomba Sensation, in Southampton with the guidance of his mentors, and has taught all over the UK as a guest teacher. London, Oxford, Birmingham, Bristol, Bournemouth, Portsmouth are some of the cities he is currently teaching with his dance partner Myriam Bernal. He is also a co-founder of Kizomba Sensation – a Facebook page dedicated to sharing kizomba music.

Myriam was born and raised in Spain. From a very young age, she started dancing jotas, a traditional Spanish dance. Her love for dancing and music has been a constant in her life since that she was a child, but she fulfilled her dance passion when she moved to the UK. In 2015 she met Ishan Omar, her current partner, and he was the reason Myriam started dancing kizomba and semba and learning the culture behind them. Myriam is known for her smile and is famous for her “ginga” on the dance floor. She has participated in UK and international festivals, but taking part in ELLA in Portugal was the main influence on her solo dancing. Myriam has learned from several of the best kizomba teachers: Tania Mendonca (Angola), Eddy Vents (Guinea-Bissau), Ricardo Graça (Guinea-Bissau), Adda Dociu (Romania), Josy Semkiz (Angola) and Lucia Nogueria (Portugal), who asked Myriam to join her on Lucia’s teacher’s training, becoming her mentor. But, from the one Myriam has learned the most is Ishan Omar, he is her main teacher and support. Together, they have been invited as guest teachers all over the UK (London, Bristol, Bournemouth, Birmingham…) and in international events in Spain and Sri Lanka. They run a kizomba school in Southampton: Kizomba Sensation, with weekly lessons every Friday and run special workshops and semba boot camps. They love to spread their love and knowledge for kizomba and semba everywhere they teach and dance.