Salsa Cubana, Bachata Dominican flavour, Solo Classes 

Founder of Salsa Solent, dancer, performer, qualified and certified dance teacher and choreographer with over 15 years of teaching experience (teaching dance since 2008), co-organizer of salsa parties and festivals. Teaching in UK as well as abroad at international Festivals.

She began her dance education at 6 years old learning contemporary, jazz, cheerleading, ballet, and folk dances. Thanks to the variety of classes, she gained knowledge of proper warming up, stretching and expression of movement.  She gave her first performances when she was only 8 years old and won numerous competitions on the national and international stage.

She fell in love with salsa in 2010  and devoted herself entirely to it, first as a course attendant, then as an instructor, artist, and choreographer on the side of Yosmaikel Delgado Gomez. 

Kasia’s classes are focused not only on partnerwork, footwork and body movement but also on dance fundamentals, naturalness, spontaneity and the search for individuality in movement. For her, the dance is supposed to be liberating, organic, and unique, it does not have to be nice, neat and perfect all the time. Feeling is more important than the perfect shape, and it is important that the students perform the movements comfortably and freely, not necessarily evenly. Everybody and every body is unique; Kasia will teach you to understand your own body, its ranges, limitations and strengths. 

Her Fusion classes draw from elements of many dances: classical and contemporary, elegant New York mambo, Afrocuban dances, casino and Cuban rumba, energetic reggaeton.

She focuses on the quality of movement, breathing, attitude and getting you to understand how best to represent the changes in music with your body. 

She is in constant training and loves exploring new techniques and styles.

The most important thing for her is the joy that dance gives and she tries to spread it to everyone around her.

She is a mix of discipline and bubbliness. You will often hear her say: Never too much time of practice on basic steps! And a few seconds later – A Day without booty shake is a day lost!

And, BE AWARE – she never stops learning, you won’t either 😃 

Train your body, free your mind ❤

Kasia’s Courses

We are currently collecting the students for this class. Interested in joining in? Contact us at hola@salsasolent.com.