Salsa On1 (Drop-In)



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01 Nov 2021


8:30 pm - 9:25 pm
Class duration:


Class location:

The Dockyard Club

This class right for you if:

…you love dancing and want to just have fun or work on improving all your dance skills. Work on technique, styling and body movement.

Class description:

Each of the class starts with a warm-up to ”awaken your body”, dance technique exercises or body isolation. During the class, you will work on learning steps combinations consisting of different styles. We will guide you step by step through the combination, body movement and timing.

Course points:

• Improve your foundations: groove, isolation, afro movement, dance technique
• Learn how to introduce other dance styles in your salsa
• Get the special tips to make your moves look better

What you will get:

• New steps combination every week
• A learning environment that is encouraging, fulfilling and fun
• Trained instructors that are patient, dedicated and passionate about dancing and teaching
• Dance training for both the recreational dancer as well as the aspiring professional dancer

Other Instructors

Salsa Solent Team

Other Instructors

Salsa Solent Team


Dockyard Club
Onslow Rd, Southsea, Portsmouth, Southsea PO5 2NH

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